As I start this blog I ask myself, how honest am I really going to be?  You see, it’s very tempting to gloss over the shittier parts of my behaviour, make it sound like I’m a better person, more attractive, thinner, and universally loved…  But I really want to be able to figure some things out about myself by writing, so while I’ll change lots of details to stay anonymous, I’ll try my hardest to be truthful.  More so than I’ve ever been with another person, including Hubby.  You see, people assume that an open relationship is all about honesty, but the truth is I lie.


9 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Gosh, I wish I had an open relationship. This is a great start, honesty is one of those sticky things huh? Should be simple, but we make it complex. I try to be 100% honest on my own blog, but even then I find myself fighting unconscious bias from time to time, there is no way around that.

    There was one time I had a big build up to what should have been an exciting series of posts, I was sure I was going to have this incredible time when my wife was out of town, but it didn’t even end in a spectacular failure which at least would have been interesting to write about, rather it all fizzled. I was tempted try just write a fiction of how awesome it all was, make up some fantastic story, but I wasn’t going to do that. I thought maybe I could put a spin on it to make it sound like I didn’t just sit at home getting played by my AP the whole time, but that is what happened and in the end I had to be honest as painful as it was to write. That’s real life for you, and somehow my readers forgave me for being such a twit.

    Thanks for blogging, I’m looking forward to reading!

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    1. Do you think you’d be okay with your wife having sex with someone else? That’s the tricky thing getting over your own insecurities and jealousy. I’m not sure if this is really the right path for us, to be honest. I’m not really sure what I’m doing or why… Maybe writing will help me figure that out…

      I remember reading about your weekend without your wife. I definitely wouldn’t describe you as a twit! I’m glad you didn’t make something up, because what you went though that weekend wasn’t boring.

      I had my first weekend alone just over a year ago. That was when the pilot told me that he didn’t want to sleep with me. Needless to say, it was a crappy weekend!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying reading, I hope I can be as interesting as you are!

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      1. I’ve thought about this a lot. Honestly, I would rather her cheat on me and keep it a secret than for me to know she is having sex with someone else. But, I think I’d be ok with it. Yes, I’m a jealous guy and I like a level of exclusivity. For example, I wouldn’t one of my affairs flaunting or telling me about other guys they’ve been fucking while we have an ongoing relationship. The polyamorous people just tell me I’m insecure and selfish, and perhaps they are right, but I think exclusivity/monogamy to a certain degree is a very human desire, it somehow increases the value of a shared experience, particularly one like sexual intimacy. It is the same thing with other relationships, we all feel good when a friend tells us that there is a certain activity that they only do with us or certain things they could only tell us. It gives us value and makes that time with them all the more special. So, while I can’t expect my wife or AP’s to be faithful to me, I can appreciate it when they are, it is a special gift they give to me and something I can desire.

        I really appreciate you saying that I didn’t come off too twitish. It was agonizing to write, but it was necessary. Writing has helped me figure out much, I don’t know how I could do without it now. Shame about the pilot, reminds me of how I feel today about a couple of girls that could have been. I just posted on it.

        Just remember we are our own worst critics! You’re posts interest me far more than my own.

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      2. Yes we all do but life is not like that . I don’t say anything anymore. It’s a turn off when someone tells me who they’ve been doing lol would rather not know the details even though I know they are doing it.

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