What I’d like to say…

I don’t mean to be whiney or needy – that’s not really me.  But I do have a problem when you start out one way and then become so distant.  Of course I’m confused, I used to wake up to being called princess or gorgeous or Mistress… But then you went to your dark place, and it’s all changed.  I get you don’t want to be saved, but what am I supposed to do, just watch?

In the midst of your darkness you laid your soul bare… No, there were no words, but we both felt the intensity.  You said it has never been like that before… but the next day it was forgotten.

Is it all my imagination?  Is our connection just convenient when you want to get fucked?  Are you just a faker and an asshole?

This is never what I wanted.  It was supposed to be mindless fun.  Now I’m not sure what it is.


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