Cum for Daddy

I’ve mentioned that I’m somewhat submissive in bed. Sex definitely doesn’t always have to be that way, but it is something that I enjoy, but only with the right guy. That being said, I’ve never been into age play, or using the term ‘daddy’. To be honest, I’ve always found it somewhat disturbing… But that may be changing. It turns out that I can get over a lot of things for the right guy.

Julian is a lawyer who is kind of like my unicorn. He’s sexy, has a deep rumbly voice, and is smart. Also, he is very into me, but never too clingy. There’s only one problem, or really 3000. Kilometres. Yup, the perfect FWB is far, far away.

We met online. I wasn’t looking for anyone, but he sent me a private message about something I had posted, one thing led to another, and soon we were having some very dirty exchanges. He has a huge lingerie fetish, so I’m always sending him pics, and he has bought me a couple of items (I always choose though, I just have better taste than him).

It turns out that he has a bit of a fetish beyond lingerie. He loves it when I call him Daddy.  Specifically, when I’m daddy’s bad girl.  We have a time difference, so actually getting to talk and not just text is a rarity, but it happened yesterday.  And daddy’s girl was very bad indeed, after exchanging some pictures (more me sending than him) we talked on the phone, a nice slow buildup and then I got out my vibrator.  It was a great combination, I got to feel wanted and desirable, all the attention I crave, and got to get off with my vibrator which guarantees I’ll cum.  Way more satisfying with him than alone, but afterwards I didn’t have to deal with anyone.  It was a great orgasm and then I took a nap before going back to real life.  A lovely afternoon.


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