“I think you and I have great potential.”

Since I’m not seeing him today, I may as well write about him…

Perry has been in my life for only a few months, but it has felt like forever.  We get along very well and share a lot of the same interests.  He’s charming.  Very charming.  It seems like he can talk his way into anything.  The first time we met was at a tiny Italian cafe, I was five minutes late and by the time I got there he was best friends with the owner, who was showing him the new sausage machine.  When he hugged me for the first time, standing there in that little cafe, it felt like we were alone.  He held on for that extra moment  and squeezed – I practically melted into his arms.  I knew I wanted him, I hadn’t been sure of things before we met, but within those first moments I knew.  Of course, it wasn’t love at first sight.  We had already been talking and I don’t love him, but it was something beyond lust; I didn’t just want to fuck him, I wanted him to be a part of my life.  We spent two hours talking and I felt like everything I said was the most interesting thing in the world.  His green eyes sparkled and were full of life.  He told me about his dark times, but spoke of them as a part of the past.  He was now reformed.  And, as he likes to tell me, I’m the first since the reformation.  Well, there was that ONS, but he claims she doesn’t count.

We had been talking for about three weeks before we first met, we had attempted to meet before, but sick children and house repairs got in the way.  That morning when I first woke up I texted him “I’ve been thinking about being kissed by you…”  And I had been; I love kissing.  Like many women, I can tell if I want to sleep with you from the first kiss.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but a bad kiss is just such a turn off.  (My first french kiss was terrible!  Too bad I didn’t realise that it was an indicator of what was to follow.)  But I digress, after that first lunch I was giving him a ride back to his office.  We walked over to my car, as I turned to put the key in the engine, there he was – head turned looking at me, his eyes bright, he put one hand on my cheek and pulled me  towards him, hesitating for a moment when we were just an inch apart; then he kissed me.  It was perfect.  For the second time that day, I felt my body melt into his.  I still get tingles when I remember that first kiss, not the details, but the feeling – in that moment, everything was right.  As we pulled away he moved to kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear, pausing only to ask “Was it what you imagined?”
“Better” I replied.
“Good” he growled in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.
We fooled around in the car more than I intended to.  More than a woman my age should, in a car parked on busy street, in the middle of the afternoon, with construction workers nearby.  On the drive he couldn’t keep his hands off of me.  All the while we were talking, about all sorts of things, I don’t even remember what, but I felt comfortable with him, like I could just be myself.

When we first started talking he once told me that we had potential, and that even if we never had sex that we would be friends.  At the time I thought it was sweet, but it wasn’t until after that first date that I truly knew what he meant.  And that’s probably why I’m still around while he goes through this dark period, because I feel like we have a connection.  I don’t want to leave my husband for him, I don’t want our situations to change.  But I do want him in my life.


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