It Takes All Kinds

His kisses were firm and intense, I felt myself melt into him.  One of his hands was tangled in my hair, the other exploring my body – feeling my breasts, grabbing my ass.  He began to push against me, I could feel his erection begging to be released from his pants. He push me backwards and we tumbled onto the bed, lying sideways, but as it was a king-sized it didn’t matter.  I started to undo his belt, but he stopped me.  He pulled away and looked me in the eyes, it was clear to me that he was taking control of the situation and I loved it.
“Move back” he growled, he wanted me centred in the bed.  Once I was in the right position he began kissing my neck.
“I’ve been waiting so long for this” he murmured in my ear.
I said nothing, but let out a slight moan and could feel myself getting wetter. He quickly pulled off his tie and used it to bind my wrists together above my head, but he didn’t undress me or himself.  He began to work his way down my body with his hands and mouth: pinching my already hard nipples; a slight bite through my shirt.  My body was aching to be free of my clothes, my skin longing to feel the bare touch of his hands, to be pressed up against him with nothing in the way.  He caressed my tummy underneath my shirt and paused for the briefest moment at the waistband of my leggings; I held my breath, hoping he would pull them down, but instead he pressed his face between my legs taking a deep breath and inhaling my scent.
“Mmmm, you smell incredible.” He looked up at me and smiled “You must be so wet.”
Before I could say a word, he began to kiss his way down my legs, taking more teasing bites, knowing that I was aching for him. But he was singular in his desire. As much as he wanted to rip my clothes off and feel me from the inside there was something that he wanted more.  He got to my feet and pulled off my socks. He moved backwards to appreciate the view – he was staring at my feet.
“My god, they are so perfect. Just so sweet and beautiful.”  He held one up to his face and began to caress it gently.  His eyes were closed, but the look on his face was utter bliss…

That was my first sexual encounter with F, a with whom I had a short lived affair.  I knew he had a foot fetish before we finally hooked-up, but I didn’t know how I would react to it.

I’ve always hated feet, I think they are quite ugly.  I have been told many times that I have very nice feet and I don’t mind my own, but I cannot stand to see feet that aren’t well groomed.  When I was younger I went through a phase where I wouldn’t wear sandals or open-toed shoes.  I got past that, but only because I am vigilant about taking care of my feet, even in the winter I do my own pedicures – making sure my toe nails are polished and there is no hard skin on my heels.   This meant that when F told me about his fetish and asked for a picture of my feet he fell in love.

Yes, I would say that he was in love with my feet.  He used to say that mine were the most beautiful he had ever seen.  He had had a foot fetish from the time he was young.  Although his wife knew about it, she wouldn’t indulge him.  Like me, she hates feet.  But I was willing to indulge him, or at least try.  I think that if there is something that my partner really enjoys, causes me no harm, then I can try it at least once.  So I began to pander to F, sending him barefoot pics.  His absolute favourite was when I would send pics that included the soles of my feet and my face.  He was sweet and would always say I was stunning, even before he had first seen my feet.  I soon learned that soles are practically pornographic to guys with foot fetishes.  F used to dream about taking me for a pedicure and getting to watch, but that never happened – he was way too nervous about getting caught.

In fact, whenever we had sex he was nervous.  He said that was part of why he came so quickly, that and the fact that he was so turned on by me he lost all control.  He wouldn’t last longer than five minutes from when he got the condom on.  If he was in my mouth and I was topless it was more like two.  He knew he came to quickly for me, but thought that he made up for it with his oral skills.  I never had the heart to tell him that he wasn’t very good at it.  Sex with him wasn’t very satisfying, but he always said the right thing and that went a long way to keeping me around.  Also, I always thought that it would get better.  Sadly, we weren’t together long enough for that to happen.


4 thoughts on “It Takes All Kinds

    1. Thank you.
      With him I discovered that feet don’t do anything for me, but the way he adored them was kind of amazing and that I loved. I couldn’t believe that one part of me could bring him so much pleasure. It was such an interesting juxtaposition – he could be on his knees kissing my toes, but still be in control (he was in no way submissive). It’s too bad the sex wasn’t better!
      P has a panty fetish, every time we met he would keep my panties. I’ve lost many a pair to him! I wonder what he’s done with them now…

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  1. Yup, no idea what is is about the feet for some guys. I mean, is there anyone with a belly button fetish? Or knee fetish? Or elbow fetish? Or shin fetish? Why feet? But I digress, as long as they can find someone to stroke that urge with, more power to ’em.

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