New Friends


I responded to an ad, two of them actually.  That was all that I could find that seemed worth a reply.

The first one was a few days ago and we’ve been talking since, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere really.  The conversation seems kind of stunted I think, but he keeps responding, so I guess it is worth continuing for now.  He is also quite good looking, which doesn’t hurt.  But the thing that I really find attractive about him is that he’s so different from me – we really could be polar opposites.  Sometimes that can turn out to be interesting, so we’ll see if conversation picks up.  The second was just earlier today and he’s already responded, seems like we want something similar, but it’s far too early to tell.   Unfortunately, both of them are married.  It seems that all the single guys want an actual relationship, a girlfriend.

I thought about placing my own ad, but still hesitating.  I’m not sure why.  By responding to ads I’m putting myself out there just as much as if I placed one of my own, but still I’m just more comfortable this way.  I’m sure that if I do this for awhile without finding anyone (which I think is likely) I’ll eventually get over it and put out my own ad, or maybe even try a dating website.  Although, I must admit, I still would much rather meet somebody without placing or answering an ad.


J is MIA.  We talked last week, he got in touch basically to apologize and explain that things have been very busy for him.  He checked in a couple days in a row, and I thought that we would have time to chat at the end of last week, but it was not to be.   Normally I’m not really bothered, but I’m grumpy about it today.  I hope we get a chance to talk soon, I miss our banter.


P and I had an argument via text, it was stupid and perhaps I was being overly sensitive, or maybe just a bitch.  But either way, it showed how insensitive he can be.  He was probably lying, then getting defensive and pissy.  He’s never been like that with me before.

At the very beginning P told me that he would always be honest with me:
“I may be trying to get into your pants, but I think it’s important for you to know that I will always tell you the truth.”
I reminded him of that the other night and added that I didn’t believe him. He said that was smart of me, although he was pretty sure he mostly told me the truth, at least about anything important.  At the time I decided not to ask what he lied about. It doesn’t matter and he likely doesn’t remember anyway.



One thought on “New Friends

  1. As a woman placing an ad, you’ll get tons of responses! I placed an ad & had 120 responses in a day. Many – most – were lame or not appealing, but I weeded through them and met three incredible men. It was a rather fascinating process, but I’m so glad I did 🙂

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