Perhaps my expectations are too high, but last night fell flat.  To start off, he wasn’t 6ft tall, as he had said, he was at least a couple inches shorter.  I don’t actually care, but I don’t see the point in lying about it, ultimately it’s going to become quite clear when we meet!  But that wasn’t the problem, he just wasn’t very good.  He claimed to love foreplay, but it didn’t seem that way and I didn’t really like the way he kissed.  I could continue to itemize all the ways that it was unsatisfactory, but there’s not much point and I can’t imagine it’s a particularly interesting read!  I will mention that he wasn’t prepared (didn’t have a condom), I did all the work, and I didn’t cum, which he didn’t seem to notice.

He did text me while I was on the way home –  a winky face.  I have no words.

This is a situation where I’m almost hoping he doesn’t get in touch with me again.   I might be slightly offended, but it would be the easiest way to end things.  If he does I’ll just have to say I’m not interested, but not add that he’s a terrible lay.  That would just be mean.


J and I wound up talking yesterday after I had already posted.  I didn’t expect to hear from him because I knew it was a busy day at work, so it was a nice surprise and given our conversation, it seems like he’ll be sticking around for at least awhile.  I’m quite pleased about that, yesterdays conversation was quite fun and I’m hoping we’ll talk again today, as yesterday ended abruptly since I had to go.  I have such a crush on him and the funny thing is he always seems surprised by how much I like him.  I guess I’m kind of surprised by it too.

I think I’m going to be a little on edge about him for a while, just because I know he’s been going back and forth it is in the back of my head that he might want to end things.  But, I’m trying to be relaxed about things and just enjoy what we have, while we have it.


3 thoughts on “;)

  1. Oh dear I commiserate . The thing is it’s hard to disappear after ‘it’ and a bit awkward when they ask why? You can’t just go straight out and say you suck at sex. 😊 so then you have to come up with other excuses 😊


  2. PS. No your expectations are not high. I wouldn’t have even slept with him. I always do a meet and greet first . Usually coffee and if we click then to the bed . If not I’d leave after the coffee and that’s that. As for bed can’t stand bad kissers or guys that don’t care about us girls.


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