Doll Parts

Hubby wants to be able to have a sexually free relationship and takes pleasure in me being with other men (or women) and ideally would get to participate or at least watch.

P wants to have me around as a friend (because he’s lonely), but also as an ego boost.  He likes knowing that I’m around in case he decides to start cheating again.

R clearly just wanted a one night stand, or maybe he really does want something long term (as he said), just not with me.

My weatherman has disappeared, but I haven’t really felt a loss.  I never was sure what he wanted.  His last message to me said: “I think of you often.” 

J is too busy to want much, but we are talking again.

What do I want?  Sex is supposed to be easy for women, but I don’t seem to be doing too well at it… I’m not even sure if sex is what I want, maybe I’m just trying to fill a hole with whatever I can find.


3 thoughts on “Doll Parts

  1. Lol, seems like you and me and WanderingLolitaX all seem to be in the same boat rowing away from the shore. In just kind of a blahhhh right now. Well, hopefully that will all change and we have the AP’s of our dreams just around the corner. I need to get caught up on your blog sometime, but until then, hang in there, love.

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