Just an Empty Space

I’m torn – I don’t want to write and yet I think it will make me feel better.  Not because I need a space to be sad, but because I need to move on and not wallow.

Years ago I had a roommate who had a way to deal with break ups and sadness, she would give herself a set period of time to be sad and wallow – and she did it well she would binge on ice cream, listen to sappy music, stay in her pjs all day, drink too much wine, all the tropes.  But when the time period was over, she would force herself to go back to real life.  She wound up enjoying her wallowing time, pushing herself to see just how much of a cliché she could be, revelling in the fact that she was listening to “Against All Odds“and singing along with feeling.

So, with her in mind, I played my favourite cover version.  I realised that I’m sad but not broken.  The hardest thing is knowing that it is over for good.  Because I keep hoping he’ll come back.   I know I’ll get over this, but still, I’m sitting here listening to The Postal Service, thinking that he’s the only one I feel like talking to…


3 thoughts on “Just an Empty Space

  1. What a coincidence, I was just talking about my “breakup” friend on my post today. I’m sorry you are going through this. Sounds like you got the right idea. It’s a process you have to go through, best just accept it and be prepared to be cliche. There’s no shame in that!

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  2. Grief is a process, and with a relationship ending we can find ourselves feeling “weak” & cheesy at the level it hits us … but this is far from true! Delve into the feelings, experience them, then set that timeframe to emerge from it. There will likely be slips back into it, but that lessens over time. And writing about it is very cathartic 🙂

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