It feels like I've been away from here for a long time.  So much has changed, and yet in many ways everything is still the same. I've met someone.  He's looking for more. More than just a fuck buddy or a fwb. He's looking for someone who speaks to his soul, but thought that it … Continue reading Reason


Old and New

My last post was about writing more, yet it's been almost two weeks since then! So, I think that I'll make this an update of sorts... P said that he was over his guilt and we made plans to get together.  P cancelled those plans the day before.  He had a good explanation, but hasn't … Continue reading Old and New

The Sullied Page

I'm struggling with writing.  Sitting in front of my laptop, this used to be my means of procrastination, but now I'm procrastinating writing here.  There so many reasons for that, but the main one is my fear that I've become boring... I know everyone say to write for yourself, but here's the problem: I bore myself. … Continue reading The Sullied Page